What About Bob?

About Bob Worsley

My name is Bob Worsley; some people know me as the founder of SkyMall. I have actually started a number of other successful businesses. I’m the conservative that won the State GOP primary Senate race against Russell Pearce by 12% in the newly created Mesa LD 25. I have been blessed to call the East Valley home for over 32 years. I ran because I wanted to use my successful business experience to find practical and innovative solutions to our most serious problems and strengthen our state’s economy. We deserve an elevated path toward a much brighter future.

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  • Married to wife Christi for 35 years
  • 6 children, 17 grandchildren


  • CPA with PriceWaterhouse in the 1980′s
  • Entrepreneur who created SkyMall
  • 1999 Retail Entrepreneur of the Year awarded by Ernst and Young
  • Founder of NZ Legacy; a land, mineral and energy development company. Supplier of electricity to 27,000 homes in the white mountains
  • Developer of a planned Potash facility in Holbrook, Arizona that will create 500 permanent jobs





We need to restore a positive image of Mesa and Arizona to the nation. Let’s bring back pride and enthusiasm.

elevate AZ’s ECONOMY

Our #1 priority should be to increase jobs and facilitate recovery of Arizona economy. We should be attracting start-ups and encouraging businesses to relocate to Arizona.


We need leaders who practice conservative principles and family values.


Our children should be prepared in the classroom for high-paying jobs right here in Arizona upon graduating.


Our elected officials should not base their actions on special interest scorecards. Bills introduced should reflect a sensibility to real problems vs. symbolic new laws that cause strife and controversy. Reduce bills introduced to focus on “Legacy” issues that will matter in next century.

elevate EFFICIENCY and thrift

Streamlining will help us balance budgets without raising taxes and using accounting gimmicks. We need to assure transparency and a deliberative budget process.

elevate ETHICS

Ban free tickets and gifts that promote influence peddling. Recognize that independence is clouded by leaders who accept freebies. Add Arizona sunshine to our legislative process. Reform lobbyist disclosure laws.


Public safety is paramount to the quality of life in Arizona. We must have an effective and realistic approach to immigration that balances effectiveness, family values and enforcement. A better working relationship with the federal government is critical.