Wayne Pomeroy, former Mayor and Mesa Family Pioneer Endorses Bob Worsley for State Senate

Mesa, Ariz. – Bob Worsley, Mesa businessman, SkyMall founder, and Republican candidate for the open state senate seat in district 25, received the endorsement of Wayne Pomeroy, former Mayor of Mesa and owner of Pomeroy’s Men’s Stores in downtown Mesa.

Pomeroy’s family was one of four original families that settled the City of Mesa in 1878.  From 1966 to 1974 he served on the Mesa City Council, including a term as vice mayor from 1972 to 1974.  Two years later he won election as Mayor, serving from 1976 to 1980.  During Pomeroy’s time as Mayor the City of Mesa celebrated its centennial.

“We need to elect leaders at the State level who will provide us with good, honest government in order to support Mayor Scott Smith who is doing an excellent job here in Mesa.  We need to help the Mayor as he is successfully returning Mesa to a time when things were exciting and focused on economic growth that will sustain the next generation of families here in Mesa,” said Pomeroy.  ”Bob Worsley is the man for this job.”

“Wayne presided over one of the most idyllic mayoral cycles in history with Mesa being named “All American City” and “Best Parks and Recreation” city in the country during his time as Mayor.  Leaders like current Mayor Scott Smith have carried on the tradition Wayne Pomeroy built years ago,” said Bob Worsley.  “If elected as Mesa’s next senator, I will do my part to get Mesa back on track and honor Wayne’s lasting vision of Mesa as a “shining light on the hill.”