Bob Worsley releases statement on US Supreme Court’s SB1070 ruling

Republican State Senate candidate Bob Worsley issued the following statement today on the US Supreme Court’s ruling on SB1070:

“Today’s US Supreme Court ruling confirmed that illegal immigration policy will remain largely in the hands of the federal government.  I support the provision upheld by the court today and the existing right of local law enforcement to verify the immigration status of any individual already stopped by police officers for lawful purposes.  But as a practical matter, nothing will change as a result of today’s decision.  Arizona is Ground Zero for this broken Federal immigration system.  We deal daily with 50% of the nation’s drug and human trafficking problem and therefore we have every right to be irate with the lack of federal attention.   Most Arizonans still believe the border is not under control and the Federal government has not provided the leadership, technology, nor manpower to do the job while Washington seems to have unlimited funds for entitlement programs.  Most tragically, the Federal government has not worked through Congress to come up with a valid long-term solution to address immigration.  President Obama can place the blame squarely on Congress, but he has not provided leadership by proposing the detailed immigration reform that he supposedly wants.  Obamacare was driven entirely (and unconstitutionally) by the White House.  Where is that same motivation on immigration? Where is the real long-term immigration reform the White House promised upon taking office and talked about in each State of the Union address since then?  There is still much work to do in order to secure our borders.  I am hopeful that Mitt Romney will be elected in November as I am confident he will work with the US Congress and border states such as Arizona to secure our borders.  That is where we should be spending our time and energy.”